Green Rabbit Adventures

The Celebration of Solstrus — Part IV [Conclusion]

For the well-behaved children of Nanotopia, they hope for a visit from ‘Ol Garry Kraughz and his animal friends. Known to leave special gifts on the doorsteps of those who respect and live by the old ways. …

The Celebration of Solstrus — Part III [Continued…]

There are two figures that play large roles in the stories of the ancients, and their legendary paths cross on Solstrus night. The first is a man named Garry Kraughz, who hails from the Grand Guardian Mountain range. He has an even…

The Celebration of Solstrus — Part II [Continued…]

The Sun, Leporis then travels onwards to the Molten Mountains, passing through the mysterious archway, and entering through an opening in the mountain temple. The emerald light refracted by a series of small green gems, fills the temple with an incredible geometric…

Green Rabbit Adventures

Green Rabbit is providing the NFT community with the most comprehensive, exciting and rewarding gaming experience in the WAX Metaverse. LFG!

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