Development Roadmap

Rabbits!! It’s been a couple of weeks since our last update, but we have been pushing out QOL and Feature updates on an almost weekly basis. In this article we want to touch base with the community and let you all know about the exciting new features coming down the pipe. The features listed below are in the order they will be pushed out. As the release of each of the below functionalities approaches, more detailed information will be released.

Race Power-Ups
The feedback from the community has been heard! We know that many of you feel like it’s too difficult to catch up after falling behind in a race. For this reason, and because it’s super fun, we are introducing 3 interactive power-up items to the races!

Power-up items will be split into three categories, Defensive, Offensive, and Utility. The first release of the Power-ups will be a beta version. One item of each category will be introduced during the beta. After we take feedback from the community, more items will be added to each category to keep the races feeling fresh and exciting.

Armor Stats in Races
In anticipation of Armor Fusion and the introduction of crafted Anima Armors into the game, we will introduce armor attributes. The attributes shown for each armor at the beginning of the race will affect the armor’s performance. The attributes of the armors will be the median attribute range of a common armor of the same Anima Totem.

Speed — Governs top sprinting speed and increases walking speed.

Agility — Increases rate of acceleration and jump height.

Resilience — Governs total stamina and lowers movement speed reduction.

Strength — Speeds up stamina regeneration and influences barrier breaking.

Luck Influences item RNG and increases dodge chance.

Armor Fusion
Players will be able to fuse armor components into a full Anima Armor in preparation for its introduction into the game.

Armor Equip
Players will be able to equip their armors in the 3D game and use them in the races.

Standard Races (Anima Armor Required)
With the introduction of standard races, players will be able to use shell to enter a race every thirty minutes. A prize structure will be implemented to reward the winners of each race with Tortuga Tokens.

Apartment Customization System
Players will be able to add Green Rabbit decorations and customize their apartments.

Tortuga Token Store
Players will be able to use their earned or purchased Tortuga Tokens to buy in-game items from the store.

Apartment Decorations Drop
The first of many Apartment Decoration pack sales that will take place through the in-game Tortuga Token store.

In this update players will be able to equip skins that have either been won from events or bought from the Tortuga Token store. This feature will come with the release of the first skin drop in the TT store.

The addition of Emote wheel functionality to the game, as well as purchasable Emotes from the TT store.

Full Daily Mission System
An in-depth system with a variety of rotating missions to complete.

Tournament Mode
Players will pay an entry fee to compete in Weekend Tournaments with exciting prizes for the winners.


Introduction of Seasons / Armor Degradation, Damage and Repair



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