Green Rabbit Adventures

November 8th, 2021

Hello Rabbits. Congratulations to all of those who have achieved the whitelist for the coming Forager release in The Shell Road Marketplace. Each of you have worked to achieve the requirements in activity levels in the past 30 days.

Summary: Anyone whitelisted will be able to procure a single Forager from The Shell Road Marketplace when they are released. You will want to indicate in our Discord Channel, if you want a Common only or if you are going after the random pack. If you do not indicate which you would like, you will be defaulted to the random single NFT pack release. If you would like the specific and expanded details, please find them below.

This short update is going to outline some changes the team has deemed necessary for the coming release. While we had originally slated the release to include just 500 Foragers, we have decided to increase this slightly to 650, in an effort to try to balance the demand. At the same time however, we are attempting to have a degree of control around the released number of Foragers, so that the market does not see a flood of them and players get a chance to play!

Further to that, each qualifying Rabbit who has successfully been whitelisted, will only have the ability to purchase a single Forager at this time. You will not be able to secure both a common AND one of the Single NFT Forager Packs. So here is how the release will work now:

We will be launching a channel in the discord, today, that will have the form link pinned in it, for all those who have been whitelisted. You will need to complete this form, by entering your wallet address and then choosing if you would like to be whitelisted for the Common Forager Release OR the single NFT pack release. If you DO NOT complete this form, you will by default, be whitelisted for the single NFT pack release.

Common Foragers Release Details

Forager from the Molten Mountains Region

Date: TBD (we should be able to provide this soon)
Where: The Shell Road Marketplace
How Many Available: This will be determined by how many sign up for this option.
Cost: 1,500,000 Shellinium
Rarity: Common

Single NFT Forager Pack Release Details

Forager from the Forest of the Elders Region

Date: TBD (we should be able to provide this soon)
Where: The Shell Road Marketplace
How Many Available: This will be determined by how many DO NOT sign up for the other option.
Cost: 9,500,000 Shellinium
Rarity: Common, Uncommon & Epic

(Probability will be published, however will depend on how many sign up for the Common only option)

The odds as mentioned, will vary based on how many want to go after a common Forager ONLY. We anticipate the worst case odds in the Single NFT Random Pack (Common, Uncommon or Epic) to be approximately as follows:

There will be future means of acquiring Foragers. This will NOT be the only drop we ever do for them. We will actively monitor the game and release them as deemed necessary. Furthermore, as we did with Samil the Totem Snatcher, there will be future special events and/or occasions for the release of additional limited edition Foragers.

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