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Seasonal Event Update — December 18th, 2021

HELLO RABBITS!!! Well, if you have not already kick started your build up to Solstrus in Nanotopia, it is not too late. Log into the game, hit up The Shell Road Marketplace (Store) and grab yourself a couple of Garry “The Guardian” Kraughz foraging NFTs for just 10,000 Shellinium each. Don’t have Shellinium? You can always snag a bit off of the Alcor Exchange, it is a super low cost barrier to entry for anyone wanting to try out a new game and play our seasonal event. We would love to have you come and join the Rabbit Horde community!! Need to learn a bit more about this event? Look back through our recent “Shaman Stories” Medium articles, and read the Lore!

Now… for those serious folks, already out there foraging aggressively in Jaireth — The Harvest King’s cave, deep in High Mountain Hillside, let’s cut to the chase. We know, EVERYONE wants to hear about what they can use their Solken (SOL) tokens for. Wait no further! The Green Rabbit team has been hard at work, pulling together a list of items (beyond just the originally promised Solstrus Gift Box) for each of you to partake in. There is literally something here for everyone. From more entry level players grinding it out to those highly committed folk who are not only foraging the cave aggressively, but buying up available supply as well.


There are 1000 of these Gift Packs. Now we know many of you are wondering, what EXACTLY is in them and what are the probabilities?! Well it would not be a Holiday event if there was not SOME surprise! We can tell you a few things though, starting with these will have a limit of 5 maximum per player.

This will also be the ONLY way that a player can acquire one of the Limited Edition 2021 Seasonal Greensmith characters from the main Lore storyline. Yes, Jaireth — The Harvest King.

In fact, there is a 20% chance that someone could in fact pull a Jaireth out of their Gift Pack. All of these gift packs will have a 2021 Seasonal Achievement Badge. There is also a shot at various other items such as a Mythic Gift Chest containing a little batch of each of the Materials we have all been foraging for on the regular missions (2.5%). There is a chance to secure one of our regular Forager Packs or a Starter Pack or a Loza Flashdrive pack and more. Good luck!



There are 900 of these smaller gift packs. And, to get it cleared up RIGHT out of the gate, this pack DOES NOT CONTAIN A JAIRETH.

You will still have a limit of 5 for these at a slightly lower price point. However you will have a shot at very similar things to the Regular Gift Pack mentioned above. This one has a higher chance of a Mythic Gift Chest containing the precious mats.

The Materials chest is just one option of a pull, not to mention a higher probability on a Forager Pack as well. Good luck to anyone going after these. No doubt they will move quickly.



We get asked virtually every hour, “Wen Foragers?” Well, this is the third opportunity in this event, to secure one of these. The first two being the in the Gift Packs laid out above. Of course with those, it is chance. You may or may not get one. In this instance, if you manage to secure one of these, you are guaranteed a Forager to hit the regular missions with and start collecting the materials from across Nanotopia.

There are only 20 of these available, so DO NOT miss this opportunity to take one home and put them to work!

The Probabilities on these packs are as follows:
- Common — 45.71%
- Uncommon — 34.29%
- Epic — 20.00%



Yes, yes this is one of the precious few remaining crates from our Genesis release back in July 2021. There are VERY FEW of these left. The crate contains 1 3D Figure of a varying rarity, as well as 1 Bonus pack containing 6 GR Collection NFTS that can be used for Staking and for playing the game. This might be one of the last chances to get your hands on a Genesis Crate and for those not aware, no future Green Rabbit Collection Series release, will ever stake for the levels of the Genesis series. For the High Rollers in the house, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

COST: 420 SOLKEN (SOL) — 5 Available


This is an opportunity to snag a pack from our Partner Project, Kyle Loza NSD containing stakeable NFTs that can generate you some Shellinium for playing the Green Rabbit Game. Not to mention Kyle Loza did an incredible job with his art work, making his own versions/creations of Green Rabbit characters.

There are no current limits on these packs to be purchased, however there are only 50 available to be grabbed up. The price looks right on this, so don’t miss out!



Now, if you purchased a pack of the Loza GR Collab above, you will have a need of a Partner Flashdrive to stake it. Already have some Loza NFTs and waiting on drive availability to stake them? Well here you go! These packs can containing any of the standard 5 Flashdrive Rarity Types: Common, Uncommon, Epic, Legendary or Mythic. The more rare the drive, the bigger the storage capacity and therefore, the more Loza NFTs it can hold at once.

There are only 100 of these packs available directly, however there are some stashed away in the Gift Packs mentioned above.



Like the 3D Figure Crate outlined above, this is from the Genesis Green Rabbit Collection release. These are in fact, the FINAL premium packs that Green Rabbit has at its disposal for this Solstrus event. Being part of the Genesis collection and as mentioned above, the NFTs inside will stake higher than their equivalents in any future Green Rabbit Collection Series release. The probabilities are obviously not as high as the 3D Figure Crate and Bonus pack for higher rarity pulls, however they are also higher than Starter Pack pulls. Good Luck!!

COST: 169 SOLKEN (SOL) — 3 Available


And, to close out the items we have made available for this Festive event, the Starter Pack from our Green Rabbit Genesis Collection.

These items are achievable for anyone out there foraging away with their two Garry’s. So whether you are a seasoned vet looking for a boost to your staking power, or you are a new player just wanting to get started in the Green Rabbit world of Nanotopia, here is a great option for you to do so. There are 150 of these that have been made available, as well as a handful of them scattered through the two Gift Packs mentioned above.


RABBITS, that lays out a total of 2,228 items available in The Shell Road Marketplace, that you can secure with the Solken Token you are Foraging for. Plenty of options out there, however, when they are gone, they are gone!

All items are being made visible right away, however in order to give everyone a fair chance at collecting some Solken, in order to try to procure some items, they will not be opened up until a later date. You will need to be ready. Check The Shell Road Marketplace for dates/times and quantities available!

As previously mentioned, Garry cannot be used for the regular foraging missions. You will however want to be sure you are considering leveling him up. There will be future Seasonal Events where Garry will need to go back to work for you and there will be certain playable options, that will only be available to Garry’s who are of a high enough level. Keep that in mind as you make your choices.

Also, once the event ends at 00:00 UTC on January 1st, 2022 (the close of the Solstrus), you will have 24 hours left to secure any items that “might” be left in The Shell Road Marketplace for purchase. At 00:00 UTC on January 2nd, 2022, all items available for SOL will close down permanently. Any SOL remaining in someone’s possession, is something you can hang onto, for future Seasonal Events where SOL comes back into play.

Time is short… it will be Solstrus day before we know it. Get your Garry Kraughz foragers to work! Good Luck to you all and on behalf of the Green Rabbit Team, Happy Solstrus!! We look forward to experiencing 2022 with all of you!

Note: Pack opening video for both Gift Packs, was created by our internal Art Team and the music score was created by Bro-Turtle, one of the amazing Moderators in our discord community. We hope you enjoy their creative work, we sure did!!



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