Genesis apartment sale

Hello Nanotopia!!! It is with great pleasure to provide additional information and clarification around the vision for ownership within the Green Rabbit(GR) HUB. Player ownership within the HUB is a core mechanic of the GR multi-activity game space and with the initial release of Apartments, players will be able to customize their space, bridge assets from the blockchain into the game, and earn Tortuga Tokens for actively engaging with the GR game.


Apartments are customizable 3D spaces owned by the player. A player’s apartment will act as a personal hub where they can enjoy private gatherings with friends and complete 2D GR game tasks. Players can only have one apartment active at a time. Apartment owners will spawn into their apartment when entering the HUB and can access apartments in the HUB by heading to the base of the apartment building. New apartments will come unfurnished and can be furnished via apartment decoration pack sales which begin 2-weeks after the apartment sale. Apartment ownership will allow players to earn Tortuga Tokens just for playing the game.

Tortuga Tokens

Tortuga Tokens (TT) are an off-chain GR HUB premium currency that are not bridgeable out of the game. As a premium currency TT will be sold for credit cards and crypto in the Green Rabbit HUB. Green Rabbit has officially partnered with internationally recognized payment processor Xsolla to accept CC for TT and in-game assets. In addition to purchases, TT can also be won in the HUB through a play-to-earn model by owning an Anima Armor. Apartments open up an additional TT earning potential for participating in activities such as racing, special events, and quests. TT can be used to buy cosmetic in-game assets & ViRL Items. Cosmetic assets will be mintable to the blockchain.

Genesis Apartment Sale

The Genesis apartment sale will give players one apartment deed and a genesis decoration. Genesis apartments will be located in the Shell Tower with a total of 2000 apartments sold individually at a fixed price on the Shell Road for WAX. Apartment deeds and genesis decorations can be bridged into the 3D game for use. Green Rabbit will never sell apartments in Shell Tower again. This sale is designed so that apartments are available for all new players coming into the game.

Tortuga Token Production from Apartments

As a perk of owning an apartment players will be able to acquire additional TT tokens through participating in activities within the HUB. These activities include daily races, completing jumping puzzles, and other seasonal in-game events. The amount of tokens a player can earn per day is based on the size of the apartment and does not roll over to the next day. These TT rewards are in addition to any other play-to-earn features that exist in the HUB such as play-to-earn races. A player may increase the amount of TT available for claim per day by staking the Series 1 Green Rabbit promo Tortuga Token NFTs to their apartment up to a maximum of 6 promo Tortuga Token NFTs max (~25%). A player may only have 1 active apartment. Rates are subject to change after 12 months. Genesis apartment rates will always be higher than future apartment offerings.

*APRs are approximate.


The first planned expansion for Apartment owners is the ability to equip a companion. Players must own an apartment to equip a companion in the HUB. The maximum companion size/ type will be determined by the size of the apartment the player holds (e.g. the largest companion needs a large apartment). Companions will require some Shell to maintain. Companions can be bridged to the blockchain for self custody if the player desires.

The sale

The genesis apartment sale is planned to be on April 30th, on the Shell Road store. whitelist requirements will be announced in the near future.

Small Apartment
Medium Apartment
Large Apartment
Penthouse Apartment
Apartment Size scale

Details made in this announcement supersede previous announcements and discussions through both clarification and omission. Green Rabbit Holdings LLC reserves the right to adjust any of the above items to comply with all applicable State, Federal, and International laws or protect the integrity of the Green Rabbit economy. Green Rabbit Holdings LLC releases in-game assets for the sole purpose of gameplay. Green Rabbit Holdings LLC does not speculate on the cash/ secondary market value of any in-game assets.



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