Green Rabbit Adventures

August 15th, 2021

Hello there Rabbits… Thank you for your patience as we bring you the latest edition of the Green Rabbit Bi-Weekly Update. The team has been so very busy working on both our primary roadmap (Greenprint crafting) as well as secondary roadmap items. There is so much that we want to share with you and look forward to producing more of these updates in the coming weeks, filled with great new tidbits of information. Today’s topics are:

  • Shellinium Marketplace

Shellinium Marketplace (official name will be announced with its release)

As many of you have now likely heard, we have been working on a vision for an in-game marketplace where we can offer the Horde exclusive items that are both digital and physical. These items will typically not be available anywhere else and most of them will be available for purchase with your Shellinium supply. For those of you who have been hodling for the Fan Club, you may want to keep hold of that supply as you will definitely have choices on where to use it once this marketplace is released.

One of the really cool approaches we have taken, is that even when you purchase a physical item, you will receive a NFT for your purchase. This way, you can choose when you would like to redeem it for the physical asset. You can also choose to sell the NFT should you wish, and whomever the purchaser is, will then be able to redeem it for the physical asset at the time of their choosing. This is a concept gaining a lot of traction known as vIRL.

The marketplace will consist of exciting collectibles (physical/digital) as well as items that can be used for in-game utilities. There will also be items that will be available in the future, to be purchased with Wax. We are targeting to have the marketplace available this week, however at the latest, it will coincide with both the Greenprint Crafting release and the close of the nVen0m Fan Club Snapshot.

Greenprint Crafting Update

This is the first truly official gameplay activity that Green Rabbit will release and we are extremely excited to see this occur on August 24th, as per our primary roadmap. This release window will be met with confidence. The team have done an exceptional job pulling together what we feel will be a truly engaging experience for the community. There may even be a “tweak” here and there, from the last released game mechanic details.

Be sure to hang onto that Shellinium as you will need it once this gets dropped to the Horde. With the ability to attempt many Greenprint crafts in a single day, it could get costly and exciting really quick. Curious on what your newly crafted Greenprint might look like? Here is it… hot off the Art Team’s design table:

Mythic Turtle Greenprint

Doesn’t that look like the sexiest damn thing you have ever seen? Dong2Strong! Well as much as you like that one, you might also want to get used to seeing this bad boy because with the risk of Greenprint Craft failure rates, everyone is going to fail sometimes!

Your Craft Attempt Has Failed!

If you are not feeling FOMO-like anticipation now, you are a machine and not a Rabbit! We look forward to all of your comments and feedback when we bring this to you live in barely over a week!

V1 Optimization Chip

Here is a little sneak peak at something new we are currently working on for the Horde, based on feedback we had been receiving from the community as well as great insight from our world class development team. The V1 Optimization Chip will be something any rabbit can procure from the Shellinium Marketplace. Once the new functionality is released, you will be able to insert your new chip into your Shell OS interface and start reaping some immediate benefits.

Without spoiling all of the details yet to come on this new little technological advancement, here are some of the slick little benefits it will provide you with:

  • NFTs will not only automatically stake for you but the system will automatically optimize your staking in order to ensure you have the best Shellinium per hour production based on your available collection.

Rabbits, we want to thank you for being so positive in our community, for trusting in us and for showing your love in the Discord. As nVen0m has always stated, he will do everything he can to make this the greatest gaming experience you have ever had and to create the greatest game that the NFT space has ever seen. He is truly committed to ensuring that happens. It is through your engagement and continuous communication, that together, we will be able to achieve this vision. While we call ourselves the Rabbit Horde, the truth is, we have become the strongest “Family” on wax if not anywhere in the NFT global ecosystems. We support each other, we trust each other and we all want to see everyone succeed. This is a major reason why being a Rabbit in the Horde is the greatest place to be. FOR THE HORDE!!

Green Rabbit is providing the NFT community with the most comprehensive, exciting and rewarding gaming experience in the WAX Metaverse. LFG!