Green Rabbit Bi-Weekly Update

July 26th, 2021

Are we EVER excited to bring you this next edition of our GRBWU! It has been just two short weeks since our Crate/Pack sale yet it has felt like an eternity for the team, as we all work tirelessly to bring you the gameplay functionality. We are sure it has felt this way to all of you, in the incredible Rabbit Horde community, while waiting for the staking release! Well your wait is all but over, we are now just hours away from the first Green Rabbit Game functionality launch including Chest Redemption and Staking for Shellinium.

There are the few short updates we intend to provide you with today:

  • Chest Redemption
  • Staking Update
  • The Fan Club
  • …one “Other” thing!
  • Roadmap update


For pretty much all Rabbits in the Horde, you have been hodling the chests of one rarity or another, secured while open any one of the packs from our drop two weeks ago. Now it is time to redeem them! This does not mean you MUST redeem them immediately, only that you can.

At 10AM PT on July 27th, 2021, two hours prior to the Staking functionality release, the Green Rabbit Chest Redeem functionality will become active. How you interact with this functionality is very straight forward and intuitive. Once you have successfully logged into your account and accepted the Green Rabbit Terms of Use/Service you will see a nice big Redeem button appear. Clicking this button will take you into the Redeem center where you can redeem one or as many chests from your inventory as you choose. As you redeem the chest(s), the resulting Shellinium will drop into your wallet, the Chest NFT will be removed from your inventory and you will see the Shellinium tracker in the top of your menu bar update with your new balance.


As mentioned above, at Noon PT, July 27th, 2021, two hours after the Chest Redemption is made active, the Green Rabbit Staking functionality will be released and go active. This will be the very first piece of actual game play functionality from our roadmap made available to the Horde Community and we are very excited to see it happen. The team has worked so hard to bring this to you in a very intuitive and appealing experience.

When you access the staking interface, the core function you will see, is the ability to stake your Greentooth Flashdrives up to the current maximum of 5. You will also see a button just below that will allow you to go in and stake any promo’s that you have in your inventory. Keeping in mind that promo’s DO NOT require Flashdrive capacity. They will be staked outside of the Flashdrives and you can stake as many as you have.

Once you have added one or more Flashdrives into the available slots, you will be able to click into them and start adding your NFTs. There will be an indicator on screen as you select items to stake or unstake, that will tell you the impact staking or unstaking will have on your production and Flashdrive available capacity. Your hourly total staking power will update as you add items into the drives and drop as you remove them. As previously mentioned, the Flashdrives, once plugged in, go into escrow and are removed from your wallet. However, all of the items loaded onto the Flashdrives will remain in your wallets. If you transfer them out of your wallet or sell them, they will immediately be unplugged from the Flashdrive.

This is what you have all been waiting for, now get your items plugged in and start building up your Shellinium stores in anticipation of our next gameplay functionality release — Greenprint Crafting!! Shellinium will be required for this and in no small quantities. So staking and hodling will be crucial to see you be successful in a timely manner, once that next functionality is available.


Something we have stayed pretty mum about and are not aware it has leaked, is our Fan Club. Truth be told, we are NOT going to let the cat out of the bag just yet either! This will be released at the same time as staking so make sure you explore the entire site once you have logged in and check out the AMAZING details we have put together for The Fan Club and how you can participate. Trust me when I tell you, this is something you DO NOT want to miss out on.

You will see that the commitment is small and the rewards are significant. There are many types of Fans that will make it into the Fan Club. Be sure to check it out and decide how BIG of a Fan you are going to be!


As many of you know, there was a promise made by the Fearless Founder of Green Rabbit, none other than nVen0m himself. What promise you say? The promise to do a cartwheel in his underpants live on camera, should Wax hit $0.20 against the USD. Well… not only did it happen, I do believe it happened faster than any thought it would. Here is that promise:

Stay tuned as nVen0m holds true to his word and gives many of you the treat you were looking for. He fully intends to do his cartwheel and share the actual footage streamed live with the Horde! It will be streamed at approximately 9AM PT on July 27th, 2021. DO NOT MISS IT!!


As we are on the eve of the release of the first step towards our gameplay roadmap, we wanted to quickly remind everyone about the mini updates we give you in between. Please remember that any updates we provide in advance are all subject to change. We do our very best to get you as much detail as we can in advance, however it is possible any or all of it could change as we get deeper into actual development. One example of this would be the Greenprint Crafting. This has continued to evolve as we have worked on it, due to feedback from the community, internal team members bringing perspectives to the table and from the developers voicing their thoughts as well. That said, there is one thing that always holds true, our commitment to balance, fairness and a GREAT experience for the community of players that will only continue to grow. Please be patient with us, we have been honest and transparent on everything so far. Making a break-out new gameplay experience like we are, takes a lot of creativity and a ton of hard work. We will likely make a few mistakes along the way, however we will not lose sight of what we are doing and why we are doing it. FOR THE HORDE!

There have been questions around what is deemed acceptable gameplay strategy and what is not. You should be able to find most answers to this in the Terms of Use/Service that is being released with the new functionality. However, Green Rabbit has always been clear that Botting or Multi-Accounting will not be acceptable or permitted. We are implementing tools and approaches to track and manage this as effectively as possible and will always be looking for ways to improve our tracking. On the point of Multi-Accounting, if assets are moving between wallets of two different players (asset sharing), this will be considered as Multi-Accounting at this time. Any attempt to circumvent the in-game functionality and related limits, in order to gain a competitive advantage is strictly forbidden. Green Rabbit is committed to looking at bringing cooperative functions to the game in the not too distant future, however at this time, our roadmap and current state functionality do not allow this, nor do we permit it.

Finally, please be easy on the Moderators and the Corporals, especially once the new functionality is released. Do not lose sight of the fact that they are just volunteer community members who are also here to play the game and who care deeply about the Rabbit Horde Community. They have all demonstrated this time and again. They do not have all the answers and they are not on the Core Green Rabbit Team. They tend to find out many things at the exact same time as you or just moments before. So please, go easy on them. if they do not have the answer, they will bring it back to Pr0ph3ticRabbit and we will work to get responses out to the community. If you see a Mod/Corp tomorrow, give them a big ‘ol virtual hug and support them as they support all of you. We have got this far together, let’s continue this amazing journey together!! LFG!!



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