Green Rabbit Community Update

October 5th, 2021 — img by Elemental Rabbit

With Greenprint Fusion on the verge of release tomorrow, we have another announcement on some additional functionality we will be releasing to the community.

Greenprint Fusion should be released no later than noon Pacific Time, Wednesday October 6th. Bundled in with it, will be the Green Rabbit Asset Lookup functionality.

This will be a new interface designed specifically for looking up Green Rabbit assets that are for sale and will be accessible from your “Inventory” page. You will be able to see such important things as Greenprint Stat bars, Shell/Hr staking values and other important attributes. Another very important item will be your ability to see which assets are on cooldown and which are not.

There will be some filtering and sorting features available along with the ability to search by a specific asset ID if you want to. If you find something you have interest in buying, you will be able to click the available link to jump directly through to the sale.

As we move forward, we will look to improve and enhance this further, in order to make your experience the best possible. We will also take a number of the things we have worked into this interface and incorporate them into your own inventory screen.

While this is not a direct game mechanic, it is something that is needed and something we knew we could bring to the community at this time. We hope it serves you well. If you have suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the appropriate channel in the discord server, so that can consider them for future updates.



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