Kyle Loza NSD Collection — GR Partner Staking Program

With Green Rabbit edging towards the onboarding of one of the numerous projects excited to join the Partner Staking Program, the Kyle Loza NSD Tarot Project and related Green Rabbit Collab is one that we have been excited about. We know the community has as well.

Prior to any announcement of the actual date for Kyle Loza NSD Partner Staking, we wanted to be sure that all of the information was available, regarding the staking rates and requirements so that there are no unanswered questions.

Staking Requirements

For Partner Staking, Green Rabbit will launch a new area within the “Staking” section of the website. With our non-custodial approach that became the envy of the metaverse, we aim to continue this with ALL of our Staking Partners. We to appreciate the amazing artwork and the like that our favorite creators offer us, and the Green Rabbit Staking program allows all players to keep these beauties in your wallet while staking them at the same time.

How will this be done? We do it through our custom designed Flashdrive program. When the Partner Staking section opens (in advance of any Partner going live) there will be slots that are made available and that are specific to the new partner. The Flashdrives will be made available in The Shell Road marketplace for both Shellinium and Wax. The drives will come in a single NFT pack that will have one random Rarity Flashdrive from the Green Rabbit standard rarity types of: Common, Uncommon, Epic, Legendary and Mythic.

Each Rarity Type Flashdrive will have the same storage capacity associated to it as is associated with the Green Rabbit Game Flashdrives. These are:

Once a player acquires the Loza Partner Flashdrives, they will be able to plug them into the slots that have been made available for this collection. There will be a fixed number of slots and therefore, folks will need to work towards acquiring what they need, based on the size of their collection.

Staking Rates

The staking rates for both the Kyle Loza NSD Tarot Collection as well as the Loza GR Collab Collection are laid out below. All of these will be staked on the Loza Flashdrives. The required bits of storage is laid out next to each card type and rarity in order to ensure complete transparency.

With staking programs, there are typically two approaches. There are the pooled approaches and the fixed rate approaches. Pool approaches see an overall pool value assigned and then any NFT collection that gets associated with that pool, when staked, draws down from the pool. What this means is that as more and more folks stake, the staking rate for each persons NFT(s) continue to decline. With the Green Rabbit staking program, our programs leverage the fixed rate approach. This results in a defined staking value as listed in the table above that does not change as more and more NFTs are staked. They stay consistently at the defined and published numbers.

With the bit storage size of any common in either of the Loza NSD Tarot collection or the Loza GR Collab collection, a player can stake up to 16 common cards in a single common Flashdrive. A Player can stake up to 1 Ultra-Exclusive or 1 Mythic in a common Flashdrive. In an Epic Flashdrive, for example, a player could stake 256 common items from either collection listed above, or a player could stake up to 16 Mythic or Ultra-Exclusives. All of the other rarity types vary somewhere in between. We just wanted to lay out some examples of how many NFTs you could in fact stake through-out the drive system.

A further Community Update will be made available in the near future that will cover varying topics. One of the topics that will be covered is the date for which the Kyle Loza project will commence staking and when their Flashdrives will become available in The Shell Road marketplace. Be sure to stay plugged in to our medium releases, in order to ensure you receive the latest news and updates from the Green Rabbit world of Nanotopia. For anyone who has yet to pick up any of the fantastic art created by Kyle Loza from his Tarot Collection or his Green Rabbit Collab, you can find them in his personal store for sale at Take a gander and get ready for staking!

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