Green Rabbit Community Update

September 26th, 2021 — Img created by Elemental Rabbit

Good Day Rabbits!! As we are in the midst of the weekend, we wanted to be sure to bring you an update, packed with little tidbits of information. Let’s start with the winners of the first week of our crafting competitions!

Week 1 — HIGHEST overall FAILURE numbers for Greenprint crafting

1st — 3000 WAX — !AAAAHHHH Rabbit (52 Failed Attempts)
2nd — 2000 WAX — Diamondrug#0705 (47 Failed Attempts)
3rd — 1000 WAX — Ivanovic the lazy Rabbit (45 Failed Attempts)

Congratulations to our winners and to the entire community for making this a highly competitive event with lots of participation. These first two weeks were really important for us on the Green Rabbit team, as we monitor the underlying data, especially at the rarity classification levels. We have been using these first two weeks to ensure that the numbers at all of the levels, balance out with what we see occurring on the crafting contract. At this point, we are feeling confident that they are in fact accurate. What does this mean to you? Some new crafting competition events are being announced!

Week 2 CompetitionHIGHEST overall SUCCESS numbers of Greenprint crafting (already underway)

The top three rabbits with the highest overall success numbers for the week, will win the prizes. It does not matter what you craft with, whether it is 4-Component or 3D figures, whether it is Common or Mythic rarity. It will simply be those with the highest overall combined success numbers for crafting.

Prizes will be as follows:
1st — 3000 WAX
2nd — 2000 WAX
3rd — 1000 WAX

Week 3 CompetitionThree Competitions to choose from!

Option 1: HIGHEST FAILURE numbers for 4-Component Greenprint crafting
Option 2: HIGHEST SUCCESS numbers for 3D Uncommon Greenprint crafting
Option 3: HIGHEST FAILURE numbers for 3D Legendary Greenprint crafting

Prizes will be as follows for EACH of the three competitions:
1st — 1000 WAX
2nd — 750 WAX
3rd — 250 WAX

Week 4 CompetitionThree Competitions to choose from!

Option 1: HIGHEST SUCCESS numbers for 4-Component Greenprint crafting
Option 2: HIGHEST FAILURE numbers for 3D Common Greenprint crafting
Option 3: HIGHEST SUCCESS numbers for 3D Epic Greenprint crafting

Prizes will be as follows for EACH of the three competitions:
1st — 1000 WAX
2nd — 750 WAX
3rd — 250 WAX

NOTE: This is the final notice, that the base Shellinium credits on FAILED crafting attempts will cease to be issued within the next 72 Hours. We will NOT be providing further notice. When we deploy this, the credits will simply cease to be issued and all Shellinium used in ALL crafting attempts will be consumed.

All of the competitions run from Sunday 00:00 UTC through to Saturday 24:00 UTC. The leaderboards automatically reset themselves at the close and commence the new week. Be sure to plan your crafting accordingly to maximize your attempts through the week. Good Luck!!

Greenprint Fusion and Greenprint Boosting

We are excited to bring you the most detailed update yet on the Fusion and Boosting for Greenprints. This is something that is coming along very nicely with the development team. The design team created another exceptional design and the Smart Contract team are edging closer to the completion of the contracts required for all of this. The front-end Full Stack Team are already well along, plugging away based on the design created in anticipation of connecting it all up to the Smart Contracts. You will hopefully understand how big of an effort this is, as we lay out the details here now:

Greenprint Fusion

Overview: Attempt fusion of ten Greenprints of the same rarity, for the potential of receiving an Ascendant Orb of the same rarity.

This is where you will leverage an interface fairly similar to the 4-component crafting, in that you will be required to select multiple items before you can make your attempt. You will be required to select ten (10) Greenprints (GPs) of the same rarity. Totem does not matter, just rarity. Keep in mind as you make your selections, to not choose the GPs with the higher stats or that you may have already boosted (see details below). We are working to make this obvious to you, using little icons that show the stats are boosted and/or that you have bonus stats that were added on successful craft of the GP. Further to that, we have added functionality so that while you are in the slide out window to select your GPs, you can easily see the statistics of each GP prior to selecting them.

Once you add all of the required GPs to your attempt, you will be presented with the success rate and the base Shellinium costs required for the fusion attempt. If you are ready, click the “Attempt” button and away you go! Here is where things are new for all of you. If you are successful in your fusion attempt, you will receive an Ascendant Orb of the same rarity as the GPs used in the attempt. The Ascendant Orbs (A. Orbs) will be NFTs that will drop into your wallet upon success.

A. Orbs are something new to all of the Rabbits. They are Orbs containing large amounts of important historical information. When an A. Orb is successfully created from the fusion, all of the information on the GPs is absorbed and assimilated into the data store within the A. Orb. What is the purpose for A. Orbs? Not all purposes have yet been discovered, however they will be the means to attempting a boost of your GPs.

Note: GP Fusion will launch with a maximum number of attempts per day, which is still to be finalized. Upon release, we will monitor this and if we need to adjust it the daily maximum attempts, as always, we will.

Greenprint Boosting

Overview: Attempt to boost the stats on the Greenprint of your choice using an Ascendant Orb of the same rarity type.

You will access the GP Boosting gameplay, through the new GP Boost interface. Load the GP that you would like to attempt a boost for by selecting it from the slide out. Like on GP Fusion, you will have stat insights and the like, presented to you in this slide out. Next, click to bring up the new A. Orb selection slide out, choose an Ascendant Orb of the matching rarity type to the GP. If you do not have an A. Orb with the matching rarity, you will not be able to attempt to boost your GP.

Once you have loaded both, you will be presented with the base Shellinium costs as well as the success rate for the attempt. If you feel you are ready, click that “Attempt” button and attempt your boost.

While GP boosting will not be required it will cost significantly more materials to perform component crafting on GPs that have not been boosted, so make sure you boost your favorite GPs now!

Note: GP Boosting WILL have a limit to the maximum number of times you can boost a single Greenprint which will be set at ten (10) overall boost attempts. (Further details will be provided very soon)

Ascendant Orb Fusion

Overview: Attempt to fuse Ascendant Orbs of a given rarity, in an effort to achieve an Orb of the next higher rarity. These new Orbs can then be fused further or used in an attempt to boost a Greenprint.

This too, will be a brand new bit of functionality to all of you on Nanotopia. This will be a path for those, who for example have either crafted or purchased a GP of a higher rarity, however may or may not have a path to crafting more GPs of the same rarity, in order to boost the one.

You will be able to take ten (10) A. Orbs of a matching rarity type and load them in just as you did with GPs for fusion. You will be presented the Base Shellinium costs as well as your potential success rate. When you are ready, you can click “Attempt” in your efforts to fuse into an A. Orb of the next higher rarity type. For those needing a path to boost their GP of a higher rarity, you could in theory take 10 A. Orbs of a Common rarity, potentially fuse them into an Uncommon A. Orb and then repeat this to create 10 Uncommon A. Orbs. You could then repeat this at the Uncommon level in order to potentially achieve an Epic A. Orb and so on.

As mentioned, not all purposes of A. Orbs have been discovered and/or revealed. They will have more uses to come which will make their importance on your journey through the Green Rabbit Game higher than just for boosting a Greenprint.

We are getting very close on the above functionality and actually hope to have a mid-week update for you all, where we will provide you with our target release date. Prior to release, we will be sure to publish the probability tables and the like for everyone to see. We are also working towards a much more detailed update relating to the Materials Foraging that is coming too. Stay tuned for so much more!

Discord and Community Events

The moderators from both Discord and Telegram have been collaborating together to ensure a wide range of events for all of you. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun and all the great prizes.

This is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the mods who volunteer so much of their time to support all of you. Play games such as Marble Races, Retro Gaming, Art Contests and more! Be sure to thank them for all of the efforts they have put in, to both planning and hosting these events. They have taken this completely upon their own “collective shoulders” in order to ensure that the Core Green Rabbit Team can focus on our roadmap and deliverables. Thank you to all of the amazing Community Team!

Our friend Kyle Loza — Release Update

Our good friend Kyle Loza has been hard at work, setting up for his own pack drop. He will be launching his storefront in an attempt to handle his pack release from there. For those interested in his collection and amazing art-work, be sure to join his discord in order to learn more about the drop and what great things are going on over there.

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