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November 20th, 2021 — Img provided by Elemental Rabbit

Hello RABBITS!! No doubt we are all chomping at the bit with excitement and anticipation for Materials Foraging. We certainly are within the team and from what we can tell, so are all of you. We are obviously fully aware that we are now slightly past the timeframe of “the first half of November” as the release window for Materials Foraging. What we are hoping you all remember at this point is, after our experience with our first real game mechanic of Greenprint Crafting, we will never release something that is not fully ready for primetime.

With that said, we are VERY close to Mats Foraging. We have experienced a few challenges with a couple of the new interface mechanics as well as discovered a Nanotopia weather related concern. All of these are being worked on tirelessly by the amazing Green Rabbit development team and we are targeting the final testing phases this week if all goes as expected. We have shown you all many screenshots of the gameplay interface. Those are not wireframes or mockups, they are coded interfaces and the smart contract work is solid. We just have to work through these final obstacles, in order to get you the next very exciting piece of Green Rabbit Gameplay. Hang in there with us friends!


We are fully aware of some of the performance concerns that folks have been experiencing. Believe it or not, this is not consistent, it is partially due to your geo-location in relation to the node you are connecting to. We are actively working towards two items we intend to implement to help resolve this.

Firstly — A Green Rabbit node. We are working to implement our own private node to assist with performance as well as to give us a degree of flexibility on a few things.

Secondly — WAX 2.0 enhancements. We will be looking towards implementing the WAX 2.0 changes to the Green Rabbit gameplay in the near future, in an effort to alleviate some of the CPU pressures that Rabbits can experience. Keep in mind, staked resources are a key aspect of the WAX metaverse and are what allow us to share the responsibilities and avoid gas fees on each transaction. So be sure to stake a reasonable amount of CPU, so that you do not get hampered.

Kyle Loza Partner Staking

As previously mentioned, Kyle Loza Staking will go active on Monday, November 22nd. You will see the Partner staking functionality appear at 00:00 UTC on November 22nd. The Loza Flashdrives are set to go for sale in The Shell Road marketplace at 5:00 PM UTC on November 22nd.

Unlike any other project on WAX that we are aware of, we will not be selling these for WAX, they will in fact be offered in exchange for Shellinium at a posted rate of 2,000,000 Shell per Pack.

Pack Probabilities:

50.00% — Common (Storage Capacity: 32 Bits/Drive)
32.15% — Uncommon (Storage Capacity: 128 Bits/Drive)
17.15% — Epic (Storage Capacity: 512 Bits/Drive)
00.55% — Legendary (Storage Capacity: 2048 Bits/Drive)
00.15% — Mythic (Storage Capacity: 4096 Bits/Drive)

If you are a Loza Tarot NSD collection holder or a holder of the Loza Green Rabbit Collab items, you will be able to stake immediately upon securing one or more Flashdrives. Not all Loza Partner USB Packs will be made available initially. However, should we see a demand for more, we will release more of them at that time. If you want to learn more about the Loza Collection, you can do so by clicking here.

If you are unfamiliar with the updated staking rates that were released for the two parts of the Loza overall collection mentioned above, you can find them by clicking here.

In Closing…

Rabbits, we know there is something we have mentioned and discussed a number of times with the community. This being an updated Roadmap. We are currently putting an updated one together within the team, that will be shared very soon. While we are not going to lock ourselves in to highly aggressive and unachievable dates as we did with our first official roadmap all those months ago (5 Months), you can be sure based on our track record of delivering, that we will complete all of the items that are going to be listed on this new one.

The approach we are taking is to provide the remaining Green Rabbit Phase I Primary Roadmaps details. The end point for Phase I is the Ultra Anima Races built on the Unity engine. Many of the pieces of this first phase of the roadmap are either complete or already underway in one capacity or another. We have also commenced with planning at a high level, for the key aspects to be included in Green Rabbit Phase II Primary Roadmap.

So many exciting things to come and we are as excited as ever to bring them to you. We continue to build out our team and are actively recruiting for multiple roles in order to accomplish all of our goals and plans. Thank you for your commitment to our community and your support of the Green Rabbit Game.

To all of the amazing Horde, please remember… we must stay respectful and chill with each other. We rose to become the BEST discord community in all of WAX. We want our community to remain a safe place for people to be able to openly talk about thoughts and opinions. While we do not stand for slander and direct personal attacks, we do respect folks wanting to ask honest questions and discuss differences of opinions on topics, together.

Let’s be sure we support each other, respect each other and have an amazing time. Look at where we and WAX has come in the last two months. Night and Day difference. This is only the beginning. LFG!!!!



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