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3 min readSep 12, 2021


September 11th, 2021

Rabbits! It is with great pleasure that I bring you the updated roadmap for the Green Rabbit game. Our team of talented artists, developers, and visionaries from across the metaverse has seen recent transition but is stronger than ever. We are excited to announce the next steps for the Green Rabbit dates which will bring the team and rabbits a win. Our first priority is to begin weekly Greenprint crafting competitions. Each week rabbits from across the metaverse will attempt to have the most successful crafts, the most failures, or create a Greenprint with the highest attribute such as strength or agility. The winners of these competitions will be receiving generous WAX prizes that will be announced at the start of the competition. This feature will be released by September 25th, 2021.

The second development feature we will be releasing is the much requested Greenprint fusion. Greenprint fusion is going to allow players to improve a particular Greenprint through the process of using ones they may have in excess from the Greenprint crafting competitions or from the secondary market. Greenprint fusion will be released in October of 2021.

The third major release the Green Rabbit team is bringing forward is materials foraging. Materials are fungible tokens that players will need for anima armor component crafting. The gameplay will send characters foraging where they will apply traits such as agility, strength, etc.., to return with fungible tokens. The players will be able to forage in different regions of Nanotopia and will achieve one of a number of potential outcomes to their foraging missions. This feature will be released in November 2021. This will be immediately followed by the Armor component and Armor Fusion releases.

In addition to these major developments the Green Rabbit team will add supplementary updates to the storefront such as randomized pack drops, access to Green Rabbit 3D alpha testing, and useful features for activities like crafting, and foraging.

For the actual Green Rabbit interactive gameplay (i.e. Ultra-Anima Races), the 3D alpha testing will be available before the end of 2021 and we expect multi-activity gameplay to be released in early 2022.

We respect that this communication is overdue and our communication has not been as frequent in updates as they were previously. This is going to change immediately. We will be highly focused on moving this roadmap forward, growing the team further and bringing routine updates on this progress to all of you. This will include important future gameplay components and elements that we are sure you all want to know… such as what are the super powers, how do they work, what do the attributes on your armor provide, etc…

The Green Rabbit team is one of the largest and strongest on WAX. We believe we have the right talent to bring the Horde the game they have requested. We have been paying attention to the feedback and suggestions and hope you can see these community ideas woven into this community update. The Green Rabbit team and their roles are listed below.


GreenRabitt — Co-Founder

nVenom — Co-Founder

DrPr0ph3t — Product Manager

PigWig — Lead Developer / Smart Contracts

Pacmam — Full stack / Development

Damazz — UI / UX / Development

Trippy Flowz — UI / UX / Development

Archer — UI / UX / Full stack / Development

StersMerlin — Tokenomics / Development

Mar$ — Director of Imagination

ZMad — Lead Artist / 3D / Unity Dev

LeftHouse — Rarity Artist / Media

Acrobix — Artist 2D / 3D

Rytakuxpc — Artist 2D / 3D

Mau — Artist 2D / 3D

Cherry Moon — Artist 2D

Pau — Artist 2D

MoneyMama — Corporate Management / Accounting



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