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Quality of Life Update — October 30th, 2021 — Img by Elemental Rabbit

Hey there Rabbits, this is a quick update for you on a few quality of life and general update items, as well as the Whitelist requirements for the first Foragers release. We will be having a small update released to the site today and it will contain the items outlined below.

Forager Character Release

There have been a lot of questions and a lot of speculation around who will or should get to participate in this first Forager character release. The Green Rabbit decision was to ensure that those actively playing the game, have access to the first Foragers. What does “active” mean you ask? Effectively, there are two qualifications we have settled on, based on all of the activity we have witnessed. You only need to qualify under one of these two.

  1. You have used at least 100 Million Shellinium combined, amongst all the activities of GP Crafting, GP Fusion & Orb Fusion. You must have accomplished this between October 9th @ 00:00 UTC and November 8th @ 00:00 UTC.

Again, to be clear, you only need to have accomplished one or the other of the above items. If you have not yet completed this, you are definitely still able to do so, as there are still almost 10 full days as of publishing this, until the whitelist cut off of November 8th @ 00:00 UTC. Good luck!

Leaderboard Update

You will now see the addition of both the GP Fusion and Orb Fusion leaderboards to the “Leaderboards” section of the site. This is now going to allow us to start to broaden our weekly competitions and get some diversity in there.

On that note, these will be the week 7 competitions:

Week 7 Leaderboard Competitions

Competition 1: HIGHEST FAILURE numbers for COMMON GP Fusion

1st — 1000 WAX
2nd — 750 WAX
3rd — 250 WAX

Competition 2: HIGHEST SUCCESS numbers for UNCOMMON GP Fusion

1st — 1000 WAX
2nd — 750 WAX
3rd — 250 WAX

Competition 3: HIGHEST FAILURE numbers for 4-Component GP Crafting

1st — 1000 WAX
2nd — 750 WAX
3rd — 250 WAX

Note: All ties will now see the prize pot achieved, split. No more wheel spins.

Unstaking During Crafting

With this new quality of life update, rather than have to leave the crafting interface inventory slide-out to unstake something you want to craft with, you will be able to do so directly. You will now see the “Unstake” option. You click, sign the transaction and then are immediately taken back to the slide-out with the item unstaked so you can go forth with your crafting, without having to go into your Flashdrive itself.

Bulk Cooldown Reset

Yes, we know many of you have asked… and we ARE listening!

From your staking screen AND your crafting interface, you will now see a new icon. On the staking interface, it will appear next to the number of items on Cooldown. On the crafting interface, it will appear on GP crafting just to the left of the Auxiliary slot switch.

Once you click this, a new slide-out will appear, showing you ALL of the items you currently have on cooldown. You can single select, multi-select or use the select all link at the bottom. Then, in one signed transaction, you can pay the full reset amount for those selected and have them all available for more crafting or staking.

GR Asset Lookup Update

So three quick updates on this one. While it continues to be accessible from the Inventory screen, we have also made it available now, via the dropdown found when clicking on your wallet button in the top right. This will make it just a but faster and more accessible for use.

The other two items are as follows: 1) Mint number now visible on all assets. We had missed this one in original release, so now mint numbers show on each asset. 2) Shell/hr numbers now visible on all stakeable items. Originally only the core Genesis series Green Rabbit NFTs displayed staking rates. Now you will be able to see them on anything that has one, from OG Alberts, to the Exclusive NFTs.

Those are all of the updates for this quick release. Thank you to all of the Rabbits who provide us with tidbits of suggestions, feedbacks and any little bug that might stumble across. We look forward to bringing you more functionality and more quality of life updates in the days and weeks ahead.

Staking Page Minor Cleanup

The staking page has gone through some basic tweaking and clean up, from font use, to the way the attributes of a Flashdrive slot are laid out on the slot, to the attributes displayed below where the promo and exclusive staking sections are. Part of this was also done in preparation for the addition of the Partner Staking functionality that will be introduced in the near future.


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