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5 min readJan 13, 2022


Some Key Mechanic Updates… January 12th, 2022

Hello Rabbits!! We have short yet important update for all of you. As per normal, Green Rabbit has been monitoring the in-game economy and we are going to be making a few key changes in order to both strengthen it, as well as to eliminate a frustration or two whilst playing it.

Thank you so much to our community for providing us continuous feedback as well. We definitely read through as much of it as possible and where it makes sense, we incorporate it into our approach. With that said, strap in, let’s go!

Greenprint Crafting Changes

In our routine review of Greenprint crafting, we have determined we need to tweak the numbers a bit further. What does this mean to the Horde? Simple…

Fewer attempts on a daily basis with a higher rate of success. We have laid it out for you below:

Increase in Success Probabilities

Figure 1.1

You can see in the highlighted column above, that we have notable increased the rate of success probability. This will help the Horde be able to successfully craft more of those Greenprints. Both for the purpose of creating their Anima Armor, as well as for the use in Fusion, in order to create the much needed Ascendant Orbs.

Number of Attempts and SPU

Figure 1.2

As you can see here, the max number of attempts possible, for any type of crafting, will now be 10 in a 24 hour period. The 10 applies to 4-Component Crafting and 3D Figure Common. The number of course differs by Rarity and Crafting Type as laid out below, however all numbers will be 10 or less in that 24 hour crafting period.

Figure 1.3

You can see in image 1.3 above, that players will have a max of 10 3D Figure attempts of common rarity in a 24 hour period, and then down to 3 per 24 hour period for Mythic Rarity. The success percentages for 3D Figure attempts aligns with the Success Prob % column in Figure 1.1 above.

Being that the number of attempts in a day have reduced, yet the probability of success has increased, the SPU multiplier has increased a bit through this process. This can be seen at the top of Figure 1.2 as well as in the right most column in Figure 1.3.

Min and Max Bonus Probability Range

The final piece on the Greenprint Crafting update is for the Bonus Stats that are awarded. Due to the slight decrease in daily attempts, the bonus stat probability ranges needed to be tweaked slightly. These can now be seen in Figure 1.4 below.

Figure 1.4

So what does this all mean to you? Quite simple… It means that while you don’t have to take as long (and as much CPU) whilst crafting on a daily basis, you should have a greater degree of success in your effort to either produce strong Greenprints for Boosting towards Armor creation, or… Greater access to Greenprints to use in your Fusion efforts for creating those much needed Ascendant Orbs.

Greenprint Fusion Changes

The next big change… yes we did use the work BIG! Is relating to Greenprint Fusion. This is one we know folks have been wanting for sometime and the collective changes we have made along with other released game mechanics, ensured this was possible and needed.

No table required for this beautiful update. As any of you who have been fusing know, the probability for success on Greenprint Fusion, was 55%. Now, with this coming change, it will be bumped up to a whopping:

Yup, you read that correctly! For all players, the success rate on Greenprint Fusion will now be 80% once the update has been released. This should help facilitate the creation of those much needed Orbs for use in GP Boosting, Forager leveling and other means coming very soon to the world of Nanotopia.

Green Rabbit Shellinium Staking Changes

As we continue to release more and more game mechanics for players in the world of Nanotopia, we are also going to be incorporating further changes to assist in strengthening the Shellinium state. We have heard MANY different suggestions from the community over the last few months and we thank you sincerely for your continued feedback.

In the near future (another announcement will be made soon with a firm date), we will be incorporating the first change surrounding the Green Rabbit Staking functionality. There will be two more planned changes coming in roughly the next 30–45 days. That said, lets focus on the one coming very soon, so that you all have a heads up on this.

Staking Claim Window

Green Rabbit is going to be introducing a max claim window for all staking in the game. What does this mean you ask?

The max claim window will be 24 hours. Which means, if Shellinium generated from staking is not claimed within a 24 hour window, it will stop accumulating at the 24 hour mark. No player will be able to endlessly accumulate Shell.

As soon as the player clicks the claim button and makes that claim, the chain will be updated and their 24 hour window will restart.

Again, this change is being made in an attempt to help strengthen the over Shellinium State and create a stronger game economy for all players.


Hahaha… so you want to know when do you? All of the changes mentioned above, with the exception of the Staking Claim Window, will occur some time during the implementation window of 2PM — 10PM PST this coming Sunday, January 16th, 2022. An announcement will be made when the update is complete.

The update for the Staking Claim Window will come soon and we will provide an update as soon as the firm date is confirmed internally. Be sure to stayed tuned in for this, as it will clearly impact any and all individuals staking in the game.

Thank you again for all of the feedback and for your support of our project. We appreciate you all and look forward to bringing you so much more functionality in 2022!!

Note: We are VERY close to releasing our new Greenpaper as well, so stay tuned for that. We are putting the final touches on a couple of pieces so that we can release it and then we will be continuing to provide updates to it regularly once it has been released.



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