Green Rabbit Adventures

November 9th, 2021 — Img provided by Elemental Rabbit

Hey there Rabbits, we just wanted to get with you all and get you a couple of important updates.

Leaderboard Updates

A number of folks have asked us about showing “All Time” as an option on the leaderboards, so that they could see what they had crafted in all the time we have been tracking it, for each of the categories.

The other request around leaderboards, was to be able to see spend. To be able to quickly see what you are any other wallet had spent on their attempts within a given category.

These will both be added in a small release package that is going out tomorrow, November 10th, @ 1:00 PM PST.

Greenprint Crafting Updates

As per the substantial details outlined in our previous update found here, we will also be deploying changes to Greenprint crafting at the same time tomorrow, outlined above.

This will include the changes to:

  • Daily attempts for 4-Component crafting
  • Daily attempts at all five levels of 3D Figure crafting
  • Changes to success rates at all levels (4-C and 3D)
  • Changes to the base Shellinium price at all levels (4-C and 3D)
  • SPU costs at all levels (4-C and 3D)

All of the above have been altered for a positive experience and in order to prepare folks for Materials Foraging, as Orbs will become increasingly important.

Some great changes coming, thank you to the community for the great suggestions on the Leaderboards. Be sure to subscribe to our Medium as more exciting updates are coming very soon. LFG!!!

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