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5 min readOct 12, 2022


Halloween in Nanotopia

The Halloween event will start on the 17th of October and run until the 7th of November, for both the 3D game and the 2D crafting platform.

2D Foraging Missions

We are creating 4 tiers of Spooktastic missions for this Halloween season, all your foragers and Gary will be able to participate in the event.

All the Halloween foraging missions reward you with Solken if you are successful.

The Shell Road Halloween Seasonal Offering

Trick or Treat — 42 SOL

For the gamblers out there you can take your chances on a trick-or-treat pack.

The lucky amongst you will get one of the following items:

  • A Halloween forager
  • A Halloween starter pack
    ( 1 common lore tablet, 1 common action card, 1 common diorama, 1 common flash drive)
  • Skins for the 3D game
  • Halloween apartment decorations pack for the 3D game
  • Halloween backpiece pack for the 3D game

If you get trick instead of a treat though you will get a common Shell chest.

we will be releasing the exact percentages of both trick and treat closer to the Event time.

Forager Pack — 220 SOL

When you open the pack you will receive one of the Halloween foragers in either full color, or if you are lucky enough you might get one of the sketches of the foragers, there are only 3 of each of the sketch Halloween foragers.

Big Bag of Treats — 1200 SOL

This pack has four foragers one of each of the Halloween foragers.

The 3D Halloween skins in T-pose


For the duration of the Halloween event, you will be able to buy the 3D cosmetic items for their equivalent shell value, this offer is only available for the Halloween cosmetics and not for items that were previously listed in the 3D store. Once the Event ends the only way to obtain 3D cosmetic items will be through the in-game store for Tortuga tokens.

Rabsees’s Mummy Skin — 50,000 TT equivalent of Shell*

FrankenTurtle Skin — 50,000 TT equivalent of Shell*

Cat Thing Skin — 50,000 TT equivalent of Shell*

Count Snakula Skin — 50,000 TT equivalent of Shell*

Halloween Backpiece Pack — 10,000 TT equivalent of Shell*

Halloween Apartment Decorations Pack — 10,000 TT equivalent of Shell*

*Shell is an in-game token and does not have an equivalent USD value, Green Rabbit Holdings LLC. does not attach any USD value to its in-game tokens.


The 3D HUB will also be getting a spooktastic facelift to get you all in the Halloween spirit.

SOL From the 3D GAME!!

Opening crates will reward you for opening them with Solken instead of Shell for the duration of the event.

Halloween Cosmetics

Each of the four anima totems are getting a Halloween skin, these skins are what we based the Halloween forager designs on.

  • Turtle: Frankenstein’s Monster
  • Cat: The Thing
  • Rabbit: Mummy
  • Snake: Dracula
Halloween apartment decorations

Halloween Apartment Decorations

We will offer Halloween apartment decorations packs in the 3D game for TT, and on the Shell Road for Shell. In these packs, we will offer all-new Halloween light fixtures and Halloween-themed plants, including some new Halloween recolors for existing apartment decorations.

Back Piece 3D model on a dummy model

Back Piece

We are also releasing a brand-new customization type, “Back Piece”, these are cosmetic items you can equip on any skin and appear on your character’s back, be sure you are following us on Twitter to get notified when we start releasing these Back Pieces so you can get an idea of what they will look like.

Concept art for the Cthulhu Back Piece

Free Item

We here at Green Rabbit LOOOVE Halloween and we want to share that spirit with our amazing community, so for your first purchase of Tortuga Tokens after the event starts you will get a free Cthulhu Back Piece as a thank you from us.

A Developmental sneak peek at the new Green Rabbit launcher

Green Rabbit Launcher Update

We have teamed up with Xsolla once again to release the new Green Rabbit launcher, this iteration of our launcher is a far cry from the one we currently have, for one thing the launcher build is signed and authorized by Windows. This means that it will work straight away without needing to disable any of your computer's security measures. The launcher also looks and feels much more polished, we are still working on making the fonts more legible but those are small improvements in a monster update.

Players will also be able to read up on the latest news and patch notes straight from the launcher, so if you don't keep up with discord you won't miss any important information!

This build also allows the launcher to utilize your computer's resources better making patch downloads much faster.



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