Greenprints — The Next Chapter

October 4th, 2021 — Img created by Elemental Rabbit


  • Greenprint Boosting Update
  • Ascendant Orb Fusion Update

Greenprint Fusion — The Complete Story…

Once we have completed the release, all of you will be able to commence with your fusion attempts, to fuse your Greenprints of a matching rarity, into Ascendant Orbs. Why? So that you can use those Orbs for other purposes, including the attempt to boost the statistics on your best Greenprints!

How does it work?

Just like with Greenprint Crafting, you will click into the Crafting interface. From there, you will see a new tab to the right of the Greenprint 3D crafting options that reads, “Greenprint Fusion”. Clicking into this will be where you interact to attempt your fusions. You can load ten (10) Greenprints of the same rarity into the interface in order to make your attempt. With this launch, there will be a maximum of five (5) attempts to fuse per day. This could likely increase over time as we monitor the fusing and the market of Greenprints to ensure there is a balanced approach.

While selecting your ten Greenprints from the slide-out window, be sure to note the icons on the Greenprints, that indicate which already have bonus stats. As you ultimately end up with boosted Greenprints too, they will display a unique icon on them to help make them stand out. We would advise not blending with Greenprints you have already boosted. Then again, that choice is entirely yours. There are also some filters along the top to help you filter down and make the best selections. Finally, we have added hover-overs so that you can easily see the stats of the Greenprints you are considering for selection.

Once you have made the selection of all ten and they have loaded into the Fusion interface, you will see the Base Shellinium Cost as well as your potential success rate displayed. When you feel you are ready, click that Attempt button and Fuse away! The fusion attempt costs are as follows:

Here are the potential outcomes that you will find with Greenprint fusion. As always, things will be monitored closely and if these need to be tweaked one way or other for the betterment of the game and the in-game economy, we will absolutely make the changes required.

As you can see, there is an overall initial success rate of 55%. This success rate relates to three different potential outcomes. The first being an Ascendant Orb of the same rarity as the Greenprints used in the Fusion. The second success outcome being the same as the first, as well as an additional Ascendant Orb of a common rarity. The third potential success outcome is the same as the first, along with an Ascendant Orb of a rarity one level below the rarity of the Greenprints used in the attempt. If the Greenprints were common, then the second Ascendant Orb will also be of common rarity.

In all potential outcomes, the Shellinium used in the attempt will be consumed. On a failed attempt, five Greenprints will be permanently damaged and lost, the other five will be returned.

As you successfully fuse Greenprints into Ascendant Orbs, you will want to hang onto these, they will have multiple purposes in coming game updates. The first two uses have already been mentioned and will be outlined briefly below.


The team has been making exceptional progress on the Greenprint Boosting, so much so that we could have another update for you within the week, on the release of this functionality. Stay tuned for more exciting details!


This too is coming along very nicely by the team and we anticipate that you will not be waiting long at all, for the update on the release details for this too. Be sure to subscribe to our Medium here, so that you are updated on all the great news coming out! FOR THE HORDE!!

Finally, outside of finalizing the design on the Materials Foraging Missions, which the UI/UX design team will be working on next (and the Smart Contract Team), there are a couple of other improvements and overall user experience upgrades coming soon too. We will be sure to provide you with updates on these as soon as we have some release information. You can also be sure that our good friend Drake the Snake from Downtown Paragon City on Nanotopia, will be bringing you live coverage of ALL of these releases when they are ready. So don’t forget to like and subscribe to the Nanotopia TV channel, to get all the humorous and helpful updates there! LFG!!

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