HUBoween Starts NOW!

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3 min readOct 18, 2022


A Spooky Spirit Has Descended Upon The HUB!

Green Rabbit’s first ever celebration of Halloween in the 3D Metaverse has begun.

Green Rabbit’s New Launcher

The New Launcher

We teamed up with our friends and partners at Xsolla to create our new launcher, this version of our launcher provides much more stability to the game, takes full advantage of your computer's hardware to increase the download speed of patches, it is also a Windows trusted program so you will not need to disable any firewalls or security measures, and it contains a tab for news and updates. Click here to download

The News Tab

The community has long asked for one easily accessible nexus for all our news and updates, we heard you and that is why we added the news tab in our new launcher there you can get all the latest news and updates about the game, as well as all the latest patch notes.

The Crafting Interface

Previously Known as the 2D crafting website, the crafting interface will also be added to the launcher. We already have it working with Anchor wallet but there are some issues with the wax cloud wallet, we are working with Xsolla to develop a custom solution to this issue, and once a solution is developed we will add it to the launcher. You will still be able to use the website just as you do now this is just a more elegant and integrated solution.

Orbital Pumpkin Drops

In addition to foraging for Sol, you will now also be able to obtain SOL from collecting pumpkin crates that fall from the sky then race to open them!

3D Cosmetics

Free BackPiece

For the Duration of this Event, If you buy any amount of TTs you will be gifted this exclusive Mythic BackPiece. This will be the only way to obtain the monstrous Cthulhu BackPiece.

Halloween Apartment Decorations

We have Added 2 New Halloween Apartment cosmetics, Plants and Halloween Desk lights, in addition we also are including all the old cosmetics in a new color scheme, these will all be obtainable through the Halloween Apartment Decorations pack, Each pack will contain 10 items from across all the decoration catigories.

In Game 3D Store

Rabsees’s Mummy Skin — 50,000TT

FrankenTurtle Skin — 50,000 TT

Cat Thing Skin — 50,000 TT

Count Snakula Skin — 50,000 TT

Halloween Backpiece Pack — 10,000 TT

Halloween Apartment Decorations Pack — 10,000 TT

*On the 28th of October we will be adding all the 3D cosmetics to the Shell Road.



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