Green Rabbit Adventures

As Green Rabbit reflects on the 45-day journey we have taken together to this point, we want to recognize the success of our initial Crate/Pack release on July 13th and the role our entire Horde community played towards that success. We could not have done this without you as we achieved and broke records together. Green Rabbit is now number one on Atomic Hub and we plan to stay there for quite some time. Although it took a little longer than expected to sell-out, we are happy to have provided the most BOT FREE release in the history of the Wax space. (Because F#@K BOTS!) LFG!

To all of our fans and members of our Horde, if there is one thing we have attempted to demonstrate over the past weeks, it is our transparency and honesty with you all. Something that we ask in return is your willingness to be open with us in a constructive dialogue as opposed to letting emotions and FUD fuel your conversations about the game. While traditional games get released all at once in a large-scale release, we are building our game in a very iterative approach which is a much more positive way to go. This allows us to hear and incorporate the feedback of our community in order to make the user experience as positive and as exciting as possible through each update stage. Again, please keep the FUD checked at the door. Opinions are always welcome, however let’s discuss thoughts and ideas in a constructive manner, together.

Moving forward we will endeavor to release updates to the Green Rabbit Greenpaper upon each new update of the game. This updated version of the Greenpaper will incorporate all of the new mechanic details relating to the functionality that will be included in the game update and any tweaks that were made to previously released game functionality. Outside of that, the Green Rabbit team will communicate Bi-Weekly as previously indicated, through this Green Rabbit Bi-Weekly Update (GRBWU). These GRBWU’s will consist of any new updates we can discuss to the roadmap, game mechanics, frequently asked questions and more. (We will be publishing Greenpaper version 1.2.2 with minor tweaks along with this GRBWU)


How Many Accessible FlashDrive Slots Will Be Available?

While this was articulated in the most recent release of our Green Paper, we have heard from the Horde through various forms of feedback that this is not as clear as it could be. We are also aware of concerns around the number of available slots from the release of the staking functionality and know this is a crucial and sensitive piece of the game. What we can share at this time is that the core team is aware and are actively discussing what options we have around this functionality in order for us to release with the most balanced approach possible. We are attempting to avoid any impacts to our published roadmap timelines and therefore; while we are confident we will release solid staking functionality and an overall positive experience, we will actively be monitoring the in-game situation in order to incorporate any tweaks and changes based on what we see post update.

Will You Be Able To Stack Your FlashDrives?

This is the question around combining storage capacities of your FlashDrives in order to make one larger storage pool which would help facilitate storing larger bit NFTs that exceed the size capacity of any one of your individual FlashDrives. The short answer here is that this will not be something you can do once the staking functionality is released. This was purposely developed into the game mechanics and circumventing this would have a negative outcome to the entire gaming experience. Part of the planning that went into this approach was also to facilitate an active trading market for players to go out and buy/sell/trade in order to get the pieces they need to fit their strategy. This has been our position since the very beginning and stated repeatedly through the interviews that nVen0m and the Green Rabbit Team participated in. As mentioned in the previous section above, as the game is released and progresses, the Green Rabbit Team will actively monitor gameplay. One of the benefits of our iterative approach to releasing game updates is our ability to incorporate change based on where we see need from our active monitoring. This is not something the community would have to wait extended periods of time to see, as always, our team will be responsive and provide updates where required.

What Are The Greenprint Crafting Odds?

We have been receiving questions around crafting odds when a player attempts to craft a Greenprint using the four NFT components with varying rarity types. For example, if three commons and one legendary are used, will there be a 25% chance of the Greenprint being a legendary? The answer is a bit more complicated than a yes or a no. No, you would not have a 25% chance of a legendary, however basing our Greenprint crafting probability algorithms on the Fibonacci model there will in fact be a possibility of a legendary Greenprint. It will just have to take into account the rarity levels between common and legendary or whatever other rarity types that are used in the crafting. Keep in mind, this does not mean all modules within the game are based on the Fibonacci model beyond this Greenprint crafting module.

Can You Influence The Totem Of Your Armor?

The Green Rabbit team has been of the opinion that you do not choose your Totem as you craft your armor, your Totem chooses you. However, we have received a lot of questions around the ability to influence the Totem outcome for your armor by combining certain Totem collections during the Greenprint crafting process. For example, if all four components used are of the Rabbit Totem or alternatively, you are crafting with the 3D Albert (Anima or Human), could the potential armor result in being of the Rabbit Totem? Rather than make this decision ourselves, the Green Rabbit Team has decided that prior to the release of the Greenprint crafting functionality, a community poll will be held so that the Horde members have the opportunity to vote on the outcome they most desire. The date and time of this is still yet to be determined, however it will be opened prior to the functionality release and will remain open for a reasonable window of time.

Do You Have To Use Matching Totems For FlashDrives?

The Totem on the Flashdrives has no bearing on what can be stored within. The only thing that determines what can and cannot be stored within at this time, is the available space within the drive as well as the physical storage sizes of the NFTs that require storage. While the Totem of the Flashdrive has no apparent related game mechanic today, there is the possibility that this could be incorporated into future gameplay functionality.

Will There Be A Way To Sort 3D Figures On Atomic Hub

We have heard from the community that it is currently a bit challenging to search specifically for 3D figures on Atomic Hub and we would like to inform you that we are having positive discussions with them around improving the searching capabilities to address this. While the ongoing discussions are positive as mentioned, there is currently no timeline that we can provide you on when this could potentially be changed. As soon as we are able to provide a further update, we will. Stay tuned and thank you for your patience.

What Additional Inventory Functionality Will Be Provided On

The ability to see your staked inventory and current staking power will come with the release of the staking functionality. However, the ability to filter your inventory will not as we deemed it more important to get the staking functionality out first. We definitely hear the community and our plan is to provide basic filtering similar to that available on Atomic Hub and we will add that into our backlog, to be tackled at a future date.

Green Rabbit is aware that there are those already attempting to provide third party services such as staking calculators. Those tools are not built leveraging our internal game mechanics and therefore, while the choice is yours on what tools you use as you create your own game strategy, we would advise caution in basing any financial decisions around using unauthorized third party solutions. Furthermore, Green Rabbit plans to incorporate our own toolset for your benefit into the game as we progress along our roadmap.


As you all know, having just sold out one of the biggest sales in the history of Atomic Hub and we are on the doorstep of 10,000 Discord members, we should all be very excited about the future. As we venture down this uncharted path together, we will be taking actions to ensure we can successfully execute on our development and release roadmap. This will include the opening of an Official Green Rabbit headquarters in Southern California. During this process we will share updates and pictures of the office as it takes shape. After team compensations and expenses to-date have been covered from the proceeds of the Crate/Pack sale, the remaining balance will soon be moved towards the funding and support of the new headquarters and expanding the team in order to meet our development goals for all of you. Before any transfer of funds between official Green Rabbit wallets and/or third-party exchanges, Green Rabbit will provide communication around the transfer details and purpose as we honor our commitment to transparency.

… and before nVen0m buys his new Lambo, we will be sure to let you know!!

In closing, our impression is that everyone in the community can feel the excitement and anticipation of what we are building here together, this is certainly the case within the Green Rabbit Team itself. We have all been through various experiences in our past that have failed to meet the expectations we had for them. At Green Rabbit we feel like a large family where every voice providing constructive feedback is heard. We are taking our learnings and experiences and applying them in order to make this the best game in the Metaverse. Thank you, we love you, goodnight!

Green Rabbit is providing the NFT community with the most comprehensive, exciting and rewarding gaming experience in the WAX Metaverse. LFG!