Lore Update — Shaman Stories

The Celebration of Solstrus — Part IV [Conclusion]

For the well-behaved children of Nanotopia, they hope for a visit from ‘Ol Garry Kraughz and his animal friends. Known to leave special gifts on the doorsteps of those who respect and live by the old ways. Some of the most special gifts made by Jaireth himself… but the tale of ‘Ol Garry and the Harvest King is another story entirely.

After a long, mystical night the light of Leporis baths the landscape, signaling a rebirth. A Triumph of the Light. With the children joyous from their newly found gifts, the day is filled with feasting and family. A celebration of thanks and appreciation for all Nanotopia provides. As the days lengthen and the world comes alive again, they are all look forward with gratitude to another familiar, but unique cycle.


Commencing December 18th at 00:00 UTC, the new seasonal foraging mission will launch in your Foraging Mission interface. Rabbits will have a choice whether to run regular foraging missions in their two available mission slots, or to run the special Seasonal mission.

At the same time as the mission opens, Garry “The Guardian” Kraughz (rhymes with Claus) will become available in The Shell Road Marketplace. While Garry is not a limited edition Forager, he is a seasonal Forager and there will be a maximum two allowed per player, for a small cost of 10,000 Shellinium per Forager.

In this seasonal mission, Garry will be Foraging for Solken (SOL), a special token that can be collected and used, leading up to the Solstrus Event which ends at 00:00 UTC January 1st. Collect as much SOL as you are able, so that you might redeem it in the Shell Road Marketplace for a special Gift Pack.

The Gift Pack will cost 42 SOL each, they will be limited to 1000 Solstrus Gift Packs and will contain various random items which could include:

  • An Achievement Badge
  • Small Gift Chests of Shell or even Materials
  • Forager Packs
  • Starter Packs
  • Loza Flashdrive Packs
  • Limited Edition (Mint 200) Jaireth — The Harvest King Greensmith's.

Anyone can play this, only some Shell and Garry the Forager are required. Be sure to share this with your friends! As mentioned, the mission will commence at 00:00 UTC December 18th and will run for two weeks, culminating with the Annual Solstrus which ends at 00:00 UTC January 1st.

With so many great gifts to be achieved, we hope to see all of the Rabbits in the Metaverse, putting Garry to work in the High Mountain Hillsides, foraging for the SOL Token.

Note: SOL will be used for this seasonal event and could potentially be used in other seasonal events as well. It will not have other purposes in the regular day to day Missions at this time. Also, while Garry can ONLY run this special seasonal mission, you may also use your regular Foragers to run the seasonal mission too. Garry will be usable in specific future seasonal events as well.

While Garry is a common Forager, he can also be leveled up, which can let you enhance his skills for both this seasonal event as well as future specific seasonal uses.

Finally, for those curious around how hard it will be to secure the SOL, the success rates will be higher for these missions than the regular missions, as well as you will have the opportunity to bring home a very respectable amount of Solken (SOL) per hour that will assist you as you try to secure a Solstrus Gift Pack in the Shell Road Marketplace.




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