Lore Update — Shaman Stories

The Celebration of Solstrus — Part III [Continued…]

There are two figures that play large roles in the stories of the ancients, and their legendary paths cross on Solstrus night. The first is a man named Garry Kraughz, who hails from the Grand Guardian Mountain range. He has an even closer connection to the natural world than most Nanotopians. It is unknown whether Garry possesses a totem, but he seems to have a mystical connection to all of the native creatures. In the stories of old, Garry Kraughz, or ‘Ol Garry the Guardian, travels the landscapes of Nanotopia with his mystical companions, helping those in need. ‘Ol Garry is held in high regard by the Trailbreakers and foragers, as he is thought to keep them safe from Wraiths.

The other central figure that appears in the stories of Solstrus night is Jaireth the Harvest King, a wraith that resides in a cave in the High Mountain Hillsides. He stockpiles materials, using the forge in his cave to craft fantastic treasures and mythical items. Jaireth is a powerful character, to blame for much of the misfortune across the land. In control of an army of goblins who love nothing more than creating mischief throughout Nanotopia, his reach is long, at least for part of the cycle. His influence on the world is directly tied to Leporis. As the sun sets on the longest day of the summer, the Harvest King and his goblin army are free to roam Nanotopia until Solstrus. They steal and create havoc, while also adding to the riches in the cave.

It all comes to an end on Solstrus night, as they retreat to the cave for the winter before the rise of Leporis in the morning. But first, the very ominous role that Jaireth the Harvest King and his band of goblins play in the traditions of Solstrus. Much like the children on Santa’s Naughty List on a planet called Earth, the naughty children of Nanotopia are visited by the Harvest King and his goblin’s. Instead of the small misfortune of a lump of coal, Jaireth snatches them away from their families and, magically transforms them into goblins for his army…




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