Lore Update — Shaman Stories

The Celebration of Solstrus — Part II [Continued…]

The Sun, Leporis then travels onwards to the Molten Mountains, passing through the mysterious archway, and entering through an opening in the mountain temple. The emerald light refracted by a series of small green gems, fills the temple with an incredible geometric symbol. At the center of the temple sits a large basin chiseled from the green gem.

Shaman from across the land gather at the temple for the special ritual, bringing with them Versatopium, gifted to them by members of their community. The act of gifting Versatopium to the shaman is thought to bring positive energy for the coming cycle. Each shaman places their Versatopium into the basin of the temple. As Solstrus begins, the beam from the orb is refracted, with the light converging and setting the Versatopium ablaze. Bathed in the light and smoke of the temple’s inner chamber, all the shamans meditate throughout the long night. Vibrating in tune with their world and welcoming its intentions for the new cycle.

Across the land the people retreat into the homes, halls, and temples of the world. They gather in warmth with their family and friends, safe from the ghouls of the long night. This special night is highlighted by a sense of community and reflection. Focusing on the importance of being honest, generous, and making sure no one suffers during the sparse times of winter. In various sizes and extravagance, feasts are had by all. Those that find themselves alone on Solstrus are welcomed in by others with open arms.

The night carries on, with the revelers enjoying the bountiful fruits that Nanotopia has to offer. There is music, dancing, and gift giving in an ecstatic celebration of thanks and hope for the new. By the firesides the children eat treats and listen to the tales of the many dangers that may befall the selfish or greedy on Solstrus night. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­The feasting and singing carrying on early into the morning, with some determined to stay awake to celebrate the rising of Leporis…




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