Lore Update — Shaman Stories

The Celebration of Solstrus — Part I

Since the time of the ancients, Nanotopians have honored and respected Solstrus, the longest night of the year. In all records and memories this has been an important event. For a place like Nanotopia, and especially the Faunians, celestial movements and the energy of their surroundings are crucial to their daily lives.

Every recorded society in Nanotopia’s known history has placed a mystical importance on the movement of its sun, Leporis. As the position of Leporis draws closer to the horizon, the happenings across the land grow stranger, too.

Beginning at harvest time, the stories of the darker side of Nanotopia become more prominent. Samil the Totem Snatcher, and other energies of the world, pervade the culture as the nights grow longer. All of the planet’s creatures begin to prepare for a time of less prosperity in the natural cycle. As the days grow shorter the people begin to care for each other just a little more. Checking in and sharing resources with their fellow citizens to ensure they have all received enough from the harvest bounty. This culminates in the timeless tradition of Solstrus. Beginning when the sun sets on the shortest day of the year, and continuing through the next day, Solstrus is an extraordinary event…accompanied by even more extraordinary characters.

The Shaman tell tales of wraiths, goblins, and other beings able to harness the power of Nanotopia for evil. As the nights grow longer, so too does the power of the mystical creatures. They roam the dark, cold night causing mischief, destroying crops, and stealing from the harvest stockpiles. The mayhem and myths continue to multiply, until the Great Orb announces the last long night. Culminated by the dramatic alignment of Leporis, and the celebration of Solstrus.

On that afternoon the anticipation begins to grow as Leporis descends towards the High Mountain Hillsides. At sunset it disappears behind the Great Orb statue, perched on a peak in the hills. For a moment it is dark and silent across the land. Then, in an instant, a massive green beam of light shines from the orb, lighting up the landscape. The beam travels over the treetops of the Forest of the Elders. It illuminates the apex of the forest temple, igniting an enormous fire built by the shaman, officially signaling the beginning of the longest night…




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