Green Rabbit Adventures

Materials Foraging — Sneak-a-Peek

Part 2 — November 2nd, 2021 — Img provided by Elemental Rabbit

Hello there Rabbits! We just wanted to get you another sneak a peek or two, into the design that is currently being developed, for the Material Foraging Missions.

Here is the screen for once you have clicked into a specific mission that you are preparing to launch. This one is the fierce and scorching Molten Mountains.

Interface subject to change prior to release

Once you have launched the mission using the screen above, your Forager will be off and on their way. The mission slot will tell you where they are at on their mission, from travelling out to forager, to foraging or if they are on their way back. You can see the amount of time left in the mission slot or by cycling to your forager on the left, who is on the mission.

Interface subject to change prior to release

A successful mission is what we are all after, hopefully short of injury and with the extra materials from all our luck, tucked under our arms! LFG!!

Interface subject to change prior to release

Those are your sneak-a-peek images for today. We will try to bring you more as the efforts progress.

As previous mentioned, we wanted to remind the community, we are actively working, to review and update crafting related items including daily attempts, Greenprint crafting costs and potential success rates. Once the team has settled on the changes and they have been completely signed off by Tokenomics, we will include them in a future update in advance of the changes.

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