Standard races

Signing Up

Standard races will occur every 30 minutes. Players can sign up for the upcoming race via the robot NPC (non-player character) at the race building. To be eligible for sign-ups, the player needs 3 things, to have 5 Million Shell in “race insurance”, pay 1 million shell as a signup fee, and have an anima armor equipped.

Players will need to transfer shell from their in-game wallet to their Metaverse wallet from the 2D crafting platform.

The insurance is lost if the player fails to show up for a race, leaves it early, or fails to finish. If insurance is lost, it can be repurchased for another 5Million Shell. A sign-up will cost 1 million Shell with a max of 8 players per race, 5 minimum. Race sign-ups are first come, first serve.

If a race is full, players can sign-up for a reserve list which will automatically sign them up if a player drops out or is slashed. Players on the race list have a window of time to cancel their sign-up if they want, ending 5 minutes before a given race starts to allow time for reserve list players to get ready.

If a player cancels their sign-up before the deadline, they are refunded their full deposit, and their race insurance is not affected, a reserve list player then takes their place in the race queue. If a player does not show up for a race entirely, they will lose their 1M Shell sign-up fee and forfeit their “race insurance”. Races require at least 5 people to sign up or the race is canceled.

Race insurance that is not forfeited during a race remains in the player's balance indefinitely and can be withdrawn at any time.


Standard races are 3 rounds long. After the first player finishes a round, the remaining players have 1 minute and 30 seconds to finish. If a player is unable to finish the race within 1 minute and 30 seconds of the first opponent finishing the race, the race ends, and players who have not finished the race get 0 points for that round and lose 1 Million Shell from their race insurance.

After each round players start from the Go line again and race until all 3 rounds have been played.

At the end of the last race, players are transported back into the leaderboard lobby. Their points are added together and their final placements and rewards are revealed.

Points per Round

The maximum number of players to start a standard race is 8 and the minimum number of players is 5. The number of points awarded will stay the same if there are fewer than 8 players.


Rewards are based on the number of people who signed up for the race. 50% of all entry fees get burned, and the other 50% goes into the prize pool. Your % of the prize pool depends on your final leaderboard placement.

Armor stat normalization

All Armor rarities can face off in standard races, to keep the races fair and balanced we are bringing the armor stats closer to each other within ranges for each rarity.

This means that while even the best common armor won't better than the worst mythic armor, they are close enough to each other to make the individual’s skill matter.

Better Armors will still have a statistical advantage even within the same rarities, but skillful play and the clever use of power-ups will ultimately determine the winner.

Airdrops and Daily missions

Standard races will count towards the points accumulated for crate and airdrop openings, Every round you finish you will get awarded points towards opening your crate, the number of points awarded is as follows.

Points awarded for finishing a round towards opening a crate

Every round you finish within a standard race also counts towards your daily missions total.

If you are unable to finish a round or if you leave the race, you are awarded no points towards opening a crate and your daily missions total.



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